Browser Game
Multiplayer Browser Games Site

A Roblox inspired site hosting multiplayer games, but they're HTML based games with no native client required. The site will dynamically provision game servers as needed.

Wireless Retro Game Controllers

Old console controllers are connected to a board with a wireless chip (Bluetooth for now) and extra buttons for playing emulated games with original controllers but no wires.

NES Controller
Quadcopter and Accessories

Things about building and maybe flying drones. For now this will be focused on custom built FPV race quads, but will hopefully also expand to other classes of drones.

Macaroni of Time

In our family we've long discussed making our own video game filled with inside jokes and memes. This is it. The title itself here is based on a mispronunciation that's kept us laughing ever since.

a square to it
Around To It

This will be an all-in-one calendar and task app. It will include repeated events and tasks based on rrules, date lists, and outcomes of past tasks. Items can be shared or assigned to multiple other users.

Personal Finance App

One of first apps I wrote to solve my own needs was a checkbook app written with ASP and MS Access. This is a reimagining of that with newer tech and including more features like importing transactions.

Finance App UI