What? Why?

An IndieWeb inspired site where I can post articles, tutorials, and other content relating to my various projects. Don't call it a blog, though it will be hard to not be guilty of that myself. Seems like it will be easier to convince myself to document things I'm working on if someone else might also benefit from it. At the same time if I'm just shouting into the void, I'd like it to be my own void.


This initial version is handcoded HTML using Bulma for layout and base styling plus a bit of CSS for custom styling and JavaScript for the mobile navigation menu. I usually use PhotoPea for any image editing I need. For hosting, Netlify seems like a good experiment.

When? Where?

Maybe those questions don't exactly apply, but here are some potential roadmap items for the future.

  • Hugo with some headless CMS instead of handcoding the HTML
  • "tech/tools" page
  • Comments - maybe using The Coral Project's Talk
  • Privacy respecting analytics - maybe use Netlify's
  • RSS Feeds - multiple feeds with predefined filters
  • ActivityPub and/or integration
  • Automagic reposting to mainstream social media


Manufactured and assembled in USA by me, Mark Achée. Made possible by love and support from my wife of 10+ years (hopefully she's proofreading this) and approval of my two sons (though not without a game of Twenty Questions).

I've been glued to computer screens for over 20 years. Mostly I do Web related programming and play too many video games. I'm a Software Engineer working on backend services at Tenable.

This site is part of an effort to revamp my online presence, but here are some other places to find me right now:

LinkedIn | GitLab | GitHub | YouTube